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Services Provided here:

Residential Service - Our residential services are a convenient and affordable replacement for weekly trips to the town dump. We also make recycling easy, learn how. Our drivers are professional and courteous.

Construction Service - Demolition and construction containers from small home needs to large commercial services, by the ton pricing and flexible pickup make our construction service a must have.

Commercial Service - Waste is part of doing business, managing it doesn't have to be your concern. We can tailor a disposal service around the specific needs of your business. We will analyze your needs and recommend the correct size container and pickup schedule.

Our terms for payment are "DUE UPON RECEIPT". The monthly statement go out on the first of every month and if not paid within 15 days, suspension of service may occur.

We ask that our customers have their trash out at their pick-up location, curbside or designated location, by 7 a.m. on trash day. Although we try to be within a time frame of an hour or so, many times customers become familiar with the crew that takes their trash and know that they will always come at a particular time on trash day. This familiarity creates expectations, which may or may not be met. Example; If we have a different driver, due to illness, on that particular route on that particular day, he may take a little more time than the regular driver. The driver may, due to construction or road closings, have to run his route differently on that day which can put them at your stop either earlier or later than "normal". If we try to hold these routes to timed expectations we will most surely fail at one time or another. For the best service possible, we ask that you have your trash at the designated pick-up location by 7a.m. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Contact us at:
Po Box 1133
Claremont, NH 03743